Schedule subject to change.  Learn more about our speakers here.

10:15AM-10:45AM(Speaker Stage)

Brenda Meyers, President, Sterling Tea

Tea 101: The Ease of Enjoying a Perfect Cup of Tea!  New to Tea?  This is a great time to add this healthy beverage to your daily routine.  We will cover the basic differences of tea and how to prepare each type for optimal flavor and benefits. Once you understand the leaf, you may look forward to discovering the right tea or herbal blend for you!

11AM-11:45AM (Speaker Stage)

Vayne Thomas Jr, Conscious Love Coach, “The Relationship Guru”

Tea Talk with Vayne Thomas, Author of From Monster to Man: A motivational message about overcoming past setbacks.

11AM-11:45AM (Tasting Area)

Patti Snell, Owner, Patti’s Place Coffee & Tea, Tea Junkie

Baking, Cooking and Creating with Tea (Fundraiser for Pancreatic Cancer Action Network): Patti will talk about the limitless ways to cook and bake with tea. She will provide samples and hopefully create a spark for adding flavor some maybe didn’t think of before. Attendees will taste 2-3 of her creative tea blends as well as items that she has made with tea, including baked goods, jellies and specialty NON-alcoholic tea drinks. In lieu of a fee, donations will be requested to benefit Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

12PM-12:50PM (Speaker Stage)

Mark Adams, Managing Member, Chief Operations Officer, Adams Tea Shop (Member, US League of Tea Growers)

Urban Tea Growing: This course will train participants to plant, grow and nurture tea in their homes. It will showcase container growing, soil mix, feeding, and watering. Attendees will each be given a tea seed so you can attempt to grow tea at home!

1PM-1:45PM (Speaker Stage)

Ann Ranson, President, By the Grace of Tea

5 Steps to Embracing Change: Change is inevitable. We have kids, then they leave. We marry, then sometimes divorce. We get a new job, then later retire. Learn 5 tips to making change easier. And it all begins with a nice cup of tea.

1PM-2PM (Tasting Area)

Adrian Hernandez, Owner, The Drink Station

Charity Bubble Tea Tasting: Learn about bubble tea and taste 3 teas.  (Extra $20 fee applies to cover supplies and to benefit All as One Children’s Center.)

1:55PM-2:10PM (Speaker Stage)

Candace Roney, Owner, Denton Spice Company

10 Spices That Will Make You a Better Cook: Ten spices will be presented with ways of using them to enhance your cooking skills. Attendees will receive a coupon for her booth. Handouts will also be available at her vendor booth with the information discussed in the talk, in case you miss it!

2:20PM-3PM (Speaker Stage)

Joe Uhl, Owner of Joseph Wesley Tea Importers; Author of “The Art and Craft of Tea”

The Art and Craft of Tea — Understanding the Diversity of Tea’s Taste, Appearance, and Aroma:  Explore how processing, land, and cultivation changes a leaf’s chemical composition and, in turn, changes the taste, aroma, and appearance of a tea.

3:10PM-4:10PM (Speaker Stage)

Josephie Dean Stanton, Coeur d’Tea / East Texas Tea Company / US League of Tea Growers
represented by Brian Ball, M.S. Agriculture, Texas A&M; Farm Manager, East Texas Tea Company

Texas Tea: Growing White, Green, Yellow, Red and Black Gold: Since 2009, Certified Tea Specialist Josephie Dean Jackson has been growing and processing East Texas artisan tea.  Despite droughts and grasshoppers, there have been many positives, successes and great lessons.  Josephie is currently in Coeur D’Alene, establishing the first tea farm in Idaho.  Brian Ball, a crop expert with an M.S. in Agriculture from Texas A&M, is overseeing the next phases of development and will be speaking on Josephie’s behalf.

4:25PM-4:55PM (Speaker Stage)

Amanda Vermillion, Certified Tea Master, Owner, The Tea Mistress LLC

A Brief History of Iced Tea: We’ve all heard that iced tea was invented at the 1904 World’s Fair . . . or was it? Get the “scoop” on iced tea’s origins!

4:30PM-5PM (Tasting Area)

Marzi Pecen, Certified Tea Sommelier

Iced Tea: Easy Variations on a Classic: Simple techniques to make your iced tea more enticing than anything you can find at any chain tea shop.  Family friendly crowd pleasers and tips on adult only beverages.

5:01PM-5:30PM (Tasting Area)

Marzi Pecen, Certified Tea Sommelier

(For Adults Only)  Easy Tea Punches & Cocktails: The first alcoholic punches were always made with tea.  Now tea is an ingredient in cocktails. See how easy it is to incorporate it into your beverages as your “secret weapon” of taste.